We provide a plethora of products and services to our clients including tested and refurbished Apple computers, screen repair on iPhones and iPads, and upgrades to iMacs, MacBooks and MacBook Pros. We have a team of trained professionals on staff who know how to help you determine the things you need for your Apple hardware.

Often times an upgrade to your existing Apple iMac or MacBook Pro will provide you with a computer that is as fast or faster than you can get by buying a new one from the Apple Store.

iMac Upgrades

SSD Hard Drives, RAM, New and Refurbished

MacBook Upgrades

SSD Hard Drives, RAM, New and Refurbished

MacBook Pro Upgrades

SSD Hard Drives, RAM, New and Refurbished

iPhone Screen Repair

iPad Screen Repair

Network Support

Setup, Trouble-Shooting

Apple Fix and Repair

Liquid Damage Repair
Clean and Refurbish
and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment?

No – come on in and we will be available to assist you.

Will working with Affordable iStore void my warranty?

No – if there is any risk to your warranty we will discuss that with you prior to doing any work.

Do you work on site at my location?

Yes – we can come to your business or your home.

Do you offer pickup and delivery?

Yes – we can pickup your equipment and arrange to deliver it to you when it’s ready to go!

Can you connect my Mac to a PC based network?

Yes – whether you need access to printers or other resources such as storage we can help you connect from your Mac.

Do you really offer a flat rate repair for just $79?

Yes. Our standard repair rate for any computer repair is $79 period. No surprises. Just $79 and the cost of the part(s).  This service includes a full computer detailing and inspection process which checks all components for functionality, checks hard drive health & battery health.

How long do repairs take?

In most cases we can repair your Mac within one business day. If it will take any longer we will let you know in advance.

Can you transfer data from my old Mac to my new Mac?

Yes. No problem.

Can you help me determine if I need a new Mac or if I can upgrade my Mac?

Yes. Our goal is to help you get the best value possible.

Will you buy my Mac computer?

Yes. We would love to get you a value on your existing Mac computer.

Affordable iStore is located at:

4106 Lake Michigan Dr NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49534


4106 Lake Michigan Dr NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49534

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