1-Year Limted Warranty Basic Information

Please note the following:

  • You are responsible for your data. Backup your device if you do not want to lose your data!
  • Please keep product serial keys for software. We cannot ensure that repairs which require us to erase your data will result in a smooth transition without those serial keys. This means that when you purchase 3rd party software, it is your responsibility to maintain the license.
  • You break it, you buy it. We will not cover physical damage in any situation, period.
  • We do not cover theft. If theft insurance is desired, please add the device to your renters or home owners insurance. They will be able to help you in that regard.
  • You have the option to extend your warranty at the time of your purchase.. Our extended warranty covers your device for 4-years with the same coverage as stated above (see previous page for cost).

For a full list of our complete warranty terms, please review our Warranty Policy. 

For information about our return/loaner terms, please review our Return/Loaner Policy. 

For devices abandoned after 1 month, please review our Computer Abandonment Policy.

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