At Affordable iStore, we offer a one year warranty on all products and services. This covers, from the time of purchase, your device, your repair, the service needed, the parts needed, and any other fees paid at the time of purchase. Affordable iStore will NOT cover any device damaged by liquid or physical force and will NOT cover loss or theft.


We ask our customers to observe and understand the following:


  • You are responsible for your data. Backup your device if you do not want to lose your data!
  • Please keep product serial keys for software. We cannot ensure that repairs which require us to erase your data will result in a smooth transition without those serial keys. This means that when you purchase 3rd party software, it is your responsibility to maintain the license.
  • You break it, you buy it. We will not cover physical damage in any situation, period.
  • We do not cover theft. If theft insurance is desired, you may consider consulting your renters or home owners insurance. They should be able to help you in that regard.
  • Please understand that our warranty relies on good faith. We do everything we can to help our customers as much as possible, often at tremendous cost to us as a business. Please treat all warranty issues with patience. We will gladly make everything right for you in whatever way we can if possible. Our staff members are here to serve you.
  • We do not offer extensions on product warranties. We have always stood behind our products. As a company, our belief is that a good product will not need an extended warranty. Our stuff holds up.
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